Friday 06 march from 13.00 hours – 18.00 hours
Saturday 07 march from 9.00 hours – 18.00 hours

Place: new location!
Waregem Expo
Zuiderlaan 20
8790 Waregem

Price exhibition stands

Prices to rent an exhibition stand: 65 euro/m²
Prices to rent tables and/or chairs:
–   1 table (80 x 180 cm): 30 euro
–   1 table + cover (black): 40 euro
–   1 chair: 10 euro

How to choose an exhibition stand?

You can choose your stand on the floorplan below (blue exhibition stands). It’s possible to choose multiple stands.
You find the correct measurements of the stands in the table underneath the floorplan. If you have specific questions or wishes, please contact us.

The dark blue Exhibition stands are reserved for cars or mobilhomes. The green exhibition stands are reserved for organisations.

Exhibition floorplan

  • The visitors follow a fixed parcours in two directions.
  • The cafetaria is situated in the foyer.
  • The practice zone for small bikes and demonstration field is located in the center.
  • There is a bicycle storage (max 5 per stand) close tot he practice zone.
  • The children’s entertainment is located at the back.
  • Next tot he children’s entertainment there is a coffee bar.
  • You can find the correct measurements of the stands in the table underneath.
  • The occupied places are systematically completed on the floorplan.

Have a look at the floorplan.

Participant list on the website and in the Kangoeroebeurs booklet

All participants are listed on the Kangoeroebeurs website and in the exhibition booklet by theme, place, number, name, short tekst and URL link to your own website.

Additional advertisement in the exhibition booklet and a banner on the homepage of the Kangoeroebeurs website

You also get the opportunity as an exhibitor to place an additional paid advertisement in the booklet and a banner on the homepage of the website (with direct URL link to your own website).


  • ¼ page in the booklet: 150 euro (standing 64 x 95 mm)
  • ½ page in the booklet: 200 euro (128 x 95 mm)
  • Full A5 page in the booklet: 300 euro (standing, 128 x 190 mm)
  • Full A5 page in the booklet (standing 128 x 190 mm) + banner on the homepage (1366 x 320 px): 400 euro

Send to

You can find an example of the booklet 2018 here.
You can find an example of the banner on the homepage of the website.

Practical guidelines

The Kangoeroebeurs is organized by Fiola vzw and De Ouders.

Setting up

The exhibition stands can be set up on Thursday march 05 from 12.00 till 21.00 hours and on Friday march 06 between 8.00 and 12.00 hours. The Kangoeroebeurs starts at 13.00 hours that same day.

Exhibition stands

  • There are no panels or walls.
  • Each stand has one electric connection
  • The exhibitor provides his own lighting
  • The floor is concrete. Each exhibitor ensures the desired floor covering.
  • The maximum height of the booth is 3 meters.
  • There is free wifi in the building
  • For more technical data see Waregem Expo website

Bicycles can be tried out on the training ground. The training ground needs to be cleared when the sportdemonstrations occur.

Please consider that big material or cars are on your stand in time (preferably on Thursday). Otherwise you risk that your stand is not accessible anymore.

We provide badges fort he exhibitors which you can pick up on Friday at the counter.

Start of the Kangoeroebeurs: a warm welcome at 12 hours

We have the tradition to start our Kangoeroebeurs with a warm welcome for our exhibitioners at 12.00 hours in the cafetaria (a small reception). This is catered by volunteers and clients of Fiola vzw and De Ouders.


We offer seperate parking for the exhibitioners. The exhibitioner moves his cars before the start of the Kangoeroebeurs away from the parking lot of the exhibition hall. This parking lot is reserved fort he visitors of the Kangoeroebeurs.


The stands can only be broken down after closing of the exhibition at 18.00 hours. The exhibition stands should be left in its original state. All waste is taken away by the exhibitors.


All beverages need to be paid at the bar by the end of the exhibition. An expense report can be provided. These expenses cannot be deducted from the deposit.


If you have specific questions or you need more information, you can contact the organisation of the Kangoeroebeurs by email: or by phone at the number +32 09 274 10 10 (Fiola vzw).



When you submit the registration form, you agree to be bound by the regulations and practical guidelines of the Kangoeroebeurs.

The registration is only final when the full invoice has been paid and all necessary documents have been delivered.

Allocation of the stands

On the registration form you can indicate your choise of stand (blue stands on the floorplan). There is also a possibility to choose multiple stands. For specific questions or wishes, please contact us.
The allocation of the stands happens in chronologic order. The occupied places are systematically completed manually on the floorplan. There might be shifts in the floorplan due to organizational reasons. The organization of the Kangoeroebeurs does the final allocation considering your wishes as much as possible.

Delivering text and advertisement for the Kangoeroebeurs booklet

The participant is responsible to deliver his text and optional advertisement for the booklet on time. Past the deadline, it’s not possible anymore.

Supervision of the stand

The exhibition stand and the exhibited articles are constantly under guard by the exhibitor, who is responsible in accordance with art. 1384 BW. The exhibitor is responsible for the supervision of his stand and ensures safety. As a professional seller he is aware of the instructions for use and safety regulations and ensures that he always will comply with it.

Practice and demonstration zone

Bicycles can be tried out on the practice zone. However this zone needs to be cleared when  the sportdemonstrations occur (see program). The bikes can be stored on the provided places (max 5 bikes per exhibitioner)


There is a deposit of 150 euro per exhibition stand. The deposit will be refunded within 2 months after the exhibition.
Exhibitors who haven’t cleared their material and waste at the end of the exhibition or who break down their stand before 18.00 hours will not be refunded.


The organizer cannot be held liable fort heft or damage by third parties.


By the organization of the Kangoeroebeurs: If, in case of economic or political events or any other case of force majeure, the Kangoeroe Exhibition would not be able to take place, the exhibition will be cancelled without resourse.
The amount paid by the exhibitors will then be refunded. No damages will be charged tot he organizers of the Kangoeroe Exhibition.

By the exhibitioner: If the exhibitioner cancels his participation 2 months before the start (till January 5th 2020) there’s a refund of 50% of the registration fee. Cancellations past januari 5th are not refunded. Cancellation is only possible in writing adressed to the organisator of the Kangoeroebeurs.


Any exception of this agreement will be expressively documented in agreement between parties.


In case of dispute only the Belgian legislation is applicable and disputes will be submitted to the courts of Kortrijk.

Register for the Kangoeroebeurs 2020!

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